78.2021/ spangels of tangles

lost spangels unearthed upon the turning
of seasonal upheavals and
uneasy barometrics
sway us oft kilter
away from our norm
over emotionality and
under achievement loom
in the foreground of
unconsciousness behaviors
and the lackluster
desires before the spring…

it changes, it enhances, it deflates and overwhelms
but the change is temporarily hinged
and will be free
to sway in a manner
of days when
the season of the moon
no longer looms full
and the rains do warm
as we enter the…

words and photo ©2021smmartwerkz

77.2021/ these days of those

lost days of rage
they came and revealed
in droves
upon the lazy days
of lost creativity
there loneliness
there droll and lucid minds
act as libidoed youth,
there disrespect
drains me
as their lost inabilities
sham and shame us
for their inadequate persona
for to never let us go there again
drawn into a darkness
on the sunniest of days
they left us reeling
only to repair and soar as we are apt to do,
we are better then ourselves
often appear to be
it often takes a great low to get us high.

words and photo ©2021smmartwerkz