113.2021/ vista of her…

fractured by feelings…
that fear to take hold
and bind
not for the pleasure or the pain
the anxiety that flows
as if cold blood runs…
and my mind seeks
your warmth, as the body no longer can hold
as frost cakes and traces
upon me
numb to the warmth
you priced to induce–
as this blood runs through my mind.

words and photo©2021smmartwerkz


the dry circumstance of the unwritten words that flow from the pen
upon the virgin page
and the lost thoughts, abound.
we get distracted by the variant of ideals and procrastination, the desires that flood
our conscienceness, our loins of momentary resolve
quenched for a brief synopsis
overturned through thoughts unresolved/unrealized…
this foreshadowed experience
we live to achieve
another time
another day
another night
till the desired light
glows… long after we are both gone.

words and photo©2021smmarwterkz

111.2021/ no egrets

as we harken to a time not yet consumed
we plot and we plan
desires course
from innocence to full blown ravenous
we plot
we plan
we execute
we counter
we resolve
we continue forward
till exhausted
and peace rules her lands,
as mornings sun arises again.

words and photo©2021smmartwerkz

109.2021/ scoldings heat

once upon a rain filled encounter
tears strewn in torrent of emotions
some captured an unknowing fright
others laced with intrigue
upon the desire invoked and provoked–
tears upon tarmac stream with the heat she evokes and
the strength her emotions strike…
as she scolds upon the ground–

words and photo©2012smmartwerkz


the craving and the starvation brings as the resolution looms into the emptiness of the fulfillment
strewn upon this mortal coil.
the roaming the searching leads too many but empty and unresolved as these quests and actions
go unanswered.
leading to this crescendo thats become the journey
lost in motive and of action
as this road goes on…

words and photo©2021smmartwerkz