her hips kiss upon salted lips
as she crashes and pounds upon
this torrent of rhytmns that lead upon her shores
as his moonlight begins to blankets her…

words and photo © 2020smmartwerkz

150/ thewaterflame

they wash upon my dreams, cascade through laden dew
whisking and wanting there way into my subconsciousness
fantasy streams of flora hues diluted to a faint cast
upon her effervescent spectrum… then she comes rainbows.

painting and words ©2020smmartwerkz
acrylics on canvas 14 x 16

149/ a walk in autumnal wood

all notations aside, clear all feelings from the situation weather positive or negative… agitating or invigorating, a blank slate so to speak.

I am who I am
as I walk upon these woods.

painting and words ©2020smmartwerkz
acrylics on raw linen 30 x 40