084/ trespass

don’t trespass upon my nature
don’t trespass upon my being
don’t trespass upon my believings
don’t trespass cause you say you love me
whats mine
is not always yours
I am yours but there are things
which are mine
and thats what makes me
don’t trespass on love
don’t take it for free
don’t trespass come along of your own free wil
venture through the valleys
past foreign lands and ancient ways
don’t trespass on what you don’t understand
don’t trespass just cause you don’t believe
teach oneself
to learn
not disclose
or trespass things peoples ways
customs you may not have perceived.
© 2019



the treaty of nature and its inhabitants has been broken throughout time and time again until we will run out of it and there is no going back
to the beginning or to push the restart as we continue to punish our future with the selfishness that is ourselves.
© 2019

080/visions light abounds

it illuminates
moves vividly
throughout the
of time, its
gradually slow.
stillness quakes
heartbeats arise
touch is succinc
to the extent
of walls-between
although the bed is shared in the
marital space
small worlds between
where we ly
and the many whom occupy
touch is-in between.
© 2019