280/ into the light I walk…

color comes
and it goes
it arrives enamored
and departs silently
it leaves her lonely
and in despair
till color comes again
and lights her up
as she shines.
© 2019


279/golden loom

this golden light
painterly shines upon glistening flesh
as it prepares to inscribe
itself upon thee.
© 2019

274/ looksee

of spacious mindful allocations
cast out into the mainstream
puddle up in the gutters
of humanity’s curbed indifference
to what and who we
perceive to be.
notations arise
scripted unto flesh
and pulp
whipped into our conscienceness
and rammed down the political gullet of all those who side
or stand apart from the rhetoric
and altered
for conveinence
of a ballot
the cash
or a fling
of notariaties moment.
© 2019