091/ locked stocked

from generals to journals
the great stories
do appear
exaggerate and tell of truths and lies
and all the keys between.
small truths and big lies
forge tales throughout
our times
history’s and cultures
rise and fall
within the passage
of these days and times.
children will be taught
exaggerated heroics of men
who maim
put upon pedestals
of yesterdays
to be removed today’s
humanities inhumanity to man
is often overlooked
hidden in our shame
edited for our books.
these days and times
should hold fast
upon alls living brains
living with yesterdays
sorrow only hopefully
makes tomorrows
days seem alive.
© 2019


090/ trumpets tune

songs stride
upon golden days
of remembrance
lingering to futures not
yet taken and pasts
long ago forgotten.
© 2019

087/ the lightness

lists of sequine
strewn upon
grounds of hallowed pasts…
he sees
he engages
he approaches
he invites
he withdraws
she reveals
she questions
she ponders
upon futures last days
and of tomorrows forgotten stories.
© 2019

085/ in my own skin

lines flow
they intersect
@ chosen points
they run along
side counterpoints
they mingle
through the
doldrums and pantheons
of this daily coil
till the roads we follow
end @ oceans beginning
or @ mountains range.