darwinian impression

she paints the day with desire
she paints with supreme degree
she loves with a lostness so heartfelt
it haunts my daydreams.
© 2017


mindful to care

and of on the clearing

raging cacophony of jumbled thoughts and actions pose to roads traveled upon with no
wheels or limbs – these broken bodies of tragic minds lost to a world of uncaring greed and uninterested societal interests.
© 2017

bewildered dazzle


light flickers, light transgresses, light refracts, it reflects, it responds
darkness congers, darkness blankets, darkness encloses, it soaks up all, it emits nothing
love is both, darkness and light
sometimes more, sometimes less
not all darkness is bad and not all light is good
and open minds
doors to hearts
ideals in sight.
© 2017


solitude reigns, as it weighs upon shoulders and hearts of men women the young the old girls boys weather orange grey purple green blue red teal silver gold white brown black beige tan and me… © 2017