AYIA 129: your light shine…


although there is time between are sightings
and our words, nothings changed,
you are how i remember you…
bright, adventurous, dutiful, kind
someone who i turned to often
who i befriended and who
befriended me, unconditionally
we started as client and employer
and as that fell away into our friendship
and our family lives intertwined
we experienced lives few know of
and many can not even approach
or fathom.

it is your light
that drew me to you
and always will
the light may seem dimmed
or even seem extinguished
but it will always rise and be there
even in dark days
my deepest thoughts and
words extend to all
who know you
those you have
or even
just know
your name

i have thought of you often
and always will
and although I am
truly heartbroken
by your passing…

it is your friendship
that carries me through
this time.

much love,
my friend


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