AYIA 97: vessel of tears


they are not shed
without reason
without cause
but where do we keep them
better yet
where do they go.

sometimes we need
to revisit them
feel their sting
their tang
their sorrow
to ground us
to remind us
to make us better
to bring us back
to love us
to miss us
return us to the joy
of innocence
of intimance
running down
cheek to lip
blurring eyes
in ecstasy
or in pain
or cause
for the pain and the joy
which one
i’s decide



4 thoughts on “AYIA 97: vessel of tears

    • They are memories we can carry, always, weather joyous or painful. Tears do not make us weak they cleanse our souls and allow us to breathe, to move forward, to make us stronger. They are difficult for all of us at times…

  1. Wow 🙂 , well put! Awesome photo too. I notice at times that I hate rainy days, but when I noticed the reason why its usually because I have been avoiding myself and my pain. When I open myself to letting my old emotions pass with the storm, I feel much clearer ;).

    Always enjoying your art ~ 😀
    Mandi (Unfolding the Heart)

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