AYIA 65: sight/seen


she saw
as i looked
upon her
i gazed
she did not flinch
a low breathe
she looked into me
my eyes could
only see
the outside
of she

she acknowledged me
allowed me to proceed
my hands could not move
my mind could not think
my body could not react
my being was entranced
by what she was to me

i was only able
to love her with my eyes
© 2016


6 thoughts on “AYIA 65: sight/seen

  1. If you cannot see inside of her, then there is nothing more to love. Your words beautifully illustrate the image.

    • it’s how society teaches us today to see beauty, if anyone was to see my point it’s you… we are becoming a world that views only on physical attributes when the soul is so much more beautiful…

      • It is a lesson I learned young and in a very difficult way. While I still haven’t healed from the scars of that lesson, it has made me a much better person. But even I fall in to the trap of wanting to be “prettier” because of the value so many place on that.

      • Physical beauty although important fades with time but your true self will always shine through no matter… we all want what society deems to be attractive it’s human nature but only that does not make you, I or anyone else a whole person.

  2. I don’t know if anyone besides me has noticed this, but if you view the image full screen and scroll it, it looks like the light areas are moving. Unintended consequences?

    • a happy consequence then… the image is actually a sculpture. Its a closeup of the Unisphere globe at the 1964 World’s Fair site in Queens, NY, shot off focus on purpose with a high F-stop and a slow shutter speed which creates the effect… thanks for looking (yes I said looking) so deeply into it…

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